Warm Words from Give Chances' youngest donor: An interview with Sun Lee

1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Sun Lee. I live in Waldwick, NJ, and I am 9 years old. I think I am crafty, smart, and kind.

2. How did you decide to give monthly donations to Give Chances?
I decided to give monthly donations to Give Chances because I liked many of the DD artists drawings that they drew even with disabilities, and wanted to help.

3. What are your thoughts about donations and/or sharing?.
My thoughts about donations and sharing are strong. Even though I don’t donate great heaps of money I know I’m making a big difference.

4. What is your dream in the future?
I dream to discover a new animal species and to name it.I also dream of inventing something that will appear in every household and, to win the Nobel Prize.

5. Do you want to leave a message to Give Chances?
Yes, I do want to leave a message to Give Chances. My message is Keep doing your good deeds and one day you will change many many lives.

Thank you Sun Lee for your kind heart and generous donation. We wish you all the best!!

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