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Disability Support is an important project that helps people with disabilities to become economically self-reliant with their profession and to become part of the community. We have explored workplaces that hire people with disabilities, and we found that they can provide the necessary information and administrative/legal practices in a series of processes that support the disabled individual. At the same time, we identify companies that hire disabled people, and advise and assist the administrative procedures and practices required to hire and maintain employees with disabilities.

DDartists: Jobs for artists with developmental disabilities

DDartists is a project of Give Chances that provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity for employment and talent development. DDartists hires, pays, and provides educational opportunities for these individuals in a safe and caring environment.

Work is essential for an independent life as it provides not only financial resources, but also a sense of self-fulfillment as a member of society. As a result, people feel more connected to others and become a contributing member of the community through their work. Currently only 14.7 % of adults with developmental disabilities are employed.

Everyone is born with unique talents and potentials, so does people with developmental disabilities. DDartists particularly pays attention to those who have interests and talents in art. We found a possibility to use their artistic talents and developed a work-education model for people with developmental disabilities. By providing them with art classes where they develop and express their artistic interest and talent, they will get paid by us for their artwork that they have produced during art classes. The artworks that they produced in the classes are developed to be used within products in collaboration with professional industrial designers.

DDartists Joyful Work & Learning Model

The Artists

Alexander Kim

Alexander Kim is a talented artist who found drawing to be his favorite activity since the age of five and continued to create art ever since. Alexander loves to paint self-portraits, in which he draws himself in different places. He expresses his emotions through a selective choice of colors and prefers water painting over any other art medium. Recently, Alexander has been interested in computer graphics, digitally synthesizing visual contents, and generating three-dimensional images. Alexander is fascinated and intrigued by painting three-dimensional paintings on 2-dimensional paper. Alexander maintains a daily routine for himself by making constant effort towards achieving his goals and pursuing his artistic talents.

Sharon Choi

Gifted artist Sharon Haeun Choi started to paint at the age of four. As a child she was persistent and meticulous, and liked to draw several versions of her favorite character or image for long periods of time. Sharon’s favorite animal is a bird—she imagined birds with different behaviors and emotions in various places, which she brought to life in her paintings. 

She uses colored pencils and pens to create beautiful artworks of animals, as well as video game character. Recently, Sharon discovered her new favorite art tool: digital platforms. Using graphic design softwares, she is creating and designing her own animated character, “Seiryu”, inspired by Street Fighter character from a video game. Her illustrations showcase the characteristics and skills of both martial artist and wizard. Enrolled in weekly animation classes, she continues to design her characters digitally, and aspires to be an animation graphic designer. 


Albert Kim

Albert Kim is a brilliant artist with persevere who started to paint in early childhood and continues to create amazing artworks. Throughout his childhood and school years, Albert’s school teachers recognized and complimented his artistic talents, allowing his family to become aware of Albert’s interests in art. With the support of his family, Albert is supported and determined to pursue his artistic talents and dreams of becoming a game character designer one day. Resilient to failures and determined to pursue his own interests, Albert never gives up on achieving his goals. When he was interested in Jazz music, he put in tremendous and consistent efforts to acquire a position in the school jazz band. Despite hardships in the beginning, he succeeded to be part of the Jazz band and work towards his interests. 

Likewise as an artist, Albert draws to pursue his dream and to express himself, his experience, and emotions. In one of Albert’s artwork, he described himself as a young dragon still in the process of growth and development. In another artwork of a bleeding wolf, Albert expresses the pain and suffering he experienced in the world, identifying the wolf as himself. Albert also frequently draws the eyes of the people who look at him and his own eyes, through which he perceives the world. Through the sketches of his own eye, covered with lots of hair, he expresses the vulnerability and fear he has yet to face the world. 


Eunsong Ham

Eunsong Ham is a bright and brilliant artist who loves to draw eye-catching, vivid illustrations of her favorite characters. Once Eunsong decides what to draw, she effortlessly sketches the outline of her character without a single moment of hesitation—using a single black marker. Then, with a bold and fascinating choice of colors and various facial expressions, Eunsong brings her characters to life. Eunsong’s adorable character illustrations and designs are featured on DDartists Christmas cards and planners with the collaboration and support of professional designers. Eunsong dreams of becoming a professional artist one day. 

For Eunsong, art is her life. She loves to draw and says that she feels happiest when doing so. Eunsong delivers her cheerfulness and joy to others through her artwork.  Family and friends around Eunsong recall how much she enjoys drawing—she is often found humming along to a song while creating beautiful art. While drawing and coloring are some of Eunsong’s favorite hobbies, she also loves to turn up the music and just dance her heart out! Her favorite music to dance to are Zumba dance music and children’s praise songs. Give Chances staff are all ardent fans of Eunsong’s eye-catching artwork and are thankful to be around such a charming artist.

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