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What do we do?

The Dream & Hope Program was created to support the students and families of Give Chances. The goal of this program is to financially guide and support our community as much as possible—whether it is through food and grocery deliveries, COVID-19 related necessities, school supplies, and even scholarships for our graduating students.

What are we planning to do?

Creating a Scholarship Fund

Our biggest way of directly supporting students struggling with financial barriers is through Dream & Hope’s funding and scholarships. As part of this program, our newly found goal is to be of service financially to as many students as we can support because we are aware of the barriers that access to financial aid, resources, and help can create. Our program not only provides and offers financial support, but also addresses the wide range of needs during this time such as food/grocery deliveries, school supplies, educational materials, tuition, research funding, etc.

The Dream & Hope Program is continuing to look for ways we can positively impact and be of service to the members of our community. If you would like to reach out to us and speak to a staff at Give Chances regarding your situation and how we can support you—please contact info@givechances.org

  • Current student or volunteer of Joyful Learning After School Program
  • In need of financial assistance and support (e.g. classified as low-income, able to describe situations of needing financial aid, etc.)
  • Submit completed application form
Types of Support Available



Food and grocery deliveries

Funds for college tuition

Funds to purchase school materials

Funds for college room and boarding

Funds for education related requests

Funds for special projects of research

How to Apply?
  • Students: contact 201-266-0640 for more details and application process
  • Volunteers: Apply using the button below

What have we been doing so far?

1) Masks donation

The pandemic has negatively impacted nearly everyone. Give Chances has put together an urgent fund to supply 100,000 surgical masks to major hospitals in New York and New Jersey, and also provided our students and families with other necessities to stay safe and protected from COVID-19.

    2) Be the Hope to the Children: Subsidizing Rent

    The goal of this fundraiser was to partially subsidize one month’s rent for our students family by distributing $500 to each of them. We have directly contacted each landlord and paid in the family’s name. 

    3) Food Assistance Program

    Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Give Chances has been providing food donation to our students and their families on a weekly basis. 

    If you are interested in supporting our Dream & Hope Program, please reach out to info@givechances.org! We would love your support in any way, shape, or form—any kind of help is appreciated. Our students rely on Give Chances and the many wonderful works and selflessness of our volunteers and staff members. We thank you for being part of our initiative and hope you can support us in helping our community!