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We are operating online tutoring program, allowing students to learn synchronously together with volunteers. Volunteer teachers interact with students in real time while working on assignments and other tasks together at the student’s pace.

The positive effects to virtual tutoring are :
  • Increasing student access to be nationwide
  • Not limited to space
  • Students learn according to their abilities and needs
  • Tutors are flexible with students’ progress and pacing may differ
  • Timely feedback between tutor and student takes place
  • Students learn comfortably and effectively

Teachers provide remote instruction to students by using Zoom breakout rooms, Khan Academy, Epic libraries and other programs.

  • Zoom: used as our main communication platform to provide teaching
  • Khan Academy: An online learning platform for students to exercise their math
  • Epic: Epic is an online library. With bountiful resources, every student have their own account to compile the books they have read

Who, When & Where?

  • Participant: Grade 1-8
  • Dates & Time: Mon - Fri (4:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST)
  • Location: Online (Zoom)

**If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:  info@givechances.org or give us a call at 201-266-0640.