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We focus to provide high-quality care for children that are likely to be placed in lower quality programs and less likely to receive necessary services

Homework Support

We provide free homework assistance and tutoring for children and youth between 1st grade and 8th grade from Monday to Friday,  4pm to 6pm. Because most children from low-income families are proven to fall behind in academics in comparison to more affluent families, Give Chances believes that in order to hold all students to the same academic rigor and standards it is essential that we provide individualized attention and teaching.

Math/English Enrichment

The Math and Enrichment programs support children and youth to improve their math skills, reading and writing competencies by means of one-on-one tutoring sessions. Low-income immigrant children in the program will be more ready for academic success in school as their math and literacy skills are strengthened through homework and tutoring support. This will contribute to narrowing the achievement gap between disadvantaged children and more-affluent children in Palisades Park and neighboring towns, New Jersey.


Extracurricular Program : Music, Chess, and Art 

Every student’s talents and aptitudes are different. However, the current education system is mainly focused on academic studies,  with no room for extracurricular activities, such as music and art. Important extracurricular components have been omitted from schools, which restricts students from low-income families to explore their own talents and aptitudes. To bridge the gap, we brought professionals into the program so that students may learn and explore various kinds of skill sets to be able to find their talents and develop them.

Project-Based Learning Program

In order to deepen children’s understanding of the academic content, promote higher-level thinking, and strengthen cooperative learning skills and leadership, Give Chances also provides project-based learning opportunities during the summer programs. Lead teachers and volunteer tutors work with groups consisted of 3 to 4 children of mixed grades.